[OS X TeX] pdfpages issue

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Aug 17 15:55:27 EDT 2010

Hello Josep,

On 18/08/2010, at 4:40 AM, Josep Maria Font wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using the "pdfpages" package (great package!) to integrate 6 pdf documents, totalling some 80 pages, in several layout combinations, and I am seeing a strange message in the Console:
> pdfTeX warning: /usr/texbin/pdflatex (file blabla.pdf): PDF inclusion: 
> found PDF version <1.6>, but at most version <1.4> allowed

This happens whenever you use  \includegraphics  (as pdfpages does)
to include a PDF that declares a version greater than 1.4.

There is a way to change the subversion number that pdfTeX declares
that it produces ...

> Nevertheless, it works OK and does every trick I ask it to play.

 ... but pdfTeX does no actual processing of included graphics.
So it really does not matter what version has been declared.

> I see this message 3 times in a row, for every one of the pages that are being included, be they with separate or the same \includepdf command, except for the 7 pages corresponding to the first such command! I am using TeXShop 2.36 and TeX Live 2009 complete. 
> Is this to be expected ? Should I do something about it ?

Provided the resulting PDF is suitable for your final purpose,
then there is nothing that needs to be done.

When TeXLive 2010 is released, pdfTeX will declare PDF version 1.5.
Some document submission systems have been reported to reject this;
but that is surely due to poor programming, dating back many years.

> JMaF

Hope this helps,


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