[OS X TeX] personal packages- following

Karine Fourlon fourlon.karine at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 22 12:01:47 EST 2010

Thank you for your answers, but I have tried what Justin advised first :  I created a texmf folder in the library and put my files in. But it doesn't seem to work.

Then I found the Tex Latex local files as André advised, no more result. I tried Refresh package list. Nothing. 
I typed "texhash" in the terminal (with and without quotation marks) : nothing.

Any more ideas ????
Thanks again.

Le 21 déc. 2010 à 09:14, Justin C. Walker a écrit :

> On Dec 21, 2010, at 00:01 , Karine Fourlon wrote:
>> I used to have LaTex on PC and I am starting with Mac, Texlive. I have some personal packages .cls and .sty and I can't find where to put them.
> Personal TeX components go in ~/Library/texmf, underneath which the structure mirrors the system's texmf directory, e.g.,
> % ls ~/Library/texmf/
> bibtex	doc	ls-R	tex
> ('~' being your home directory)
> Justin

This /texmf/ directory in your /Library/ (or /Bibliothèque/...) has to be created. 

You can also use "Go to directory (or folder)..." (Aller au dossier...) in the Finder Goto menu and type /usr. You find there a host of directories for Unix usage, usually unknown to the Mac user (/usr is the defect, I think you shall have nothing to type in). 

There you will find /local, then /texlive, then /texmf-local/... /tex... /latex... then /local again. You can put your .cls and .sty at this place.

They will be able to be uses by any user in your computer.

I suppose it is necessary to run "texhash" in the Terminal to make texlive aware of the new files. 


To open the Terminal, open the Applications folder, then Utilitaires (I don'to know the English name, but you have a .fr address), then Terminal.  

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