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Alan Munn amunn at gmx.com
Thu Dec 23 16:48:16 EST 2010

On Dec 23, 2010, at 4:38 PM, Alan Munn wrote:

> On Dec 23, 2010, at 3:44 PM, Richard Koch wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Since several have written, I'll reply more generally.
>> We use an old version of Apple's package manager so MacTeX can be
>> installed on many different systems. The structure of such packages  
>> is
>> quite rigid. In particular, all installer scripts run as root. It  
>> isn't possible
>> to install into user directories, and ~/Library isn't what you  
>> think it is.
> Yes, I suspected that might be the reason.  If that's the case,  
> couldn't we just wrap the script into a clickable Applescript that  
> the user runs themselves? (Or offer that as an option for those  
> running pre-10.4 systems (probably very few at the moment.))

> Can't the current package manager handle a variety of different OS  
> versions (back to Panther) and adjust its behaviour accordingly?

Actually, I see the problem isn't just pre-10.4, it's pre-10.5 w.r.t.  
installing in the user home.  So perhaps a standalone script would be  
a better idea.  For TeXShop it could be even be added as an  
Applescript menu item.


Alan Munn
amunn at gmx.com

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