[OS X TeX] epstopdf glitch

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Mon Jul 12 22:08:13 EDT 2010

On Jul 12, 2010, at 18:31 , Herbert Schulz wrote:
> On Jul 12, 2010, at 7:27 PM, Justin C. Walker wrote:
> directory). I come back to the question... what are the write  
> permissions on the directory? Run
> ls -alF ~

It shows drwx------+

> I'd also like to make sure that ~/Pictures/ isn't locked so what  
> does a Get Info… give for that directory? (There should be a  
> checkbox for `locked' and I hope it's not checked.)

Unlocked, custom access, I have all access, others have none.  AFAICT,  
access is normal (for me).  I can 'touch' files (even non-existent  
ones) with no problem.

> Oh... what hardware and OS system are you using? Is there actually a  
> wolf_eel_thumbnail-eps-converted-te.pdf file in ~/Pictures/ (the  
> Picture folder in your HOME folder)?

10.6.4, MBP Core i7 (2.6GHz).

No such picture.  I don't see one on my 10.5.8 system either, FWIW.


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