[OS X TeX] Powerdot question

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 05:15:21 EDT 2010

> Greetings,
> I have a complicated question.  I am using Powerdot via TeXShop to 
> produce slides.  I have been trying to modify the colors of a particular 
> Powerdot style according to suggestions made by the author of the 
> style.  When I make changes and then try to typeset the slides with the 
> correct command, the change doesn't appear.  What seems strange is that 
> perhaps TeXShop is not even reading my change, but some other version of 
> the style.  Stranger still, when uninstall powerdot and typeset my 
> slides, the program works.  This makes me think that either another 
> version of powerdot is installed somewhere (I can't find it), or it came 
> native with TeXShop.  In any case, what I want to do is modify the style 
> file and have TeXShop typeset my slides with the change.
> I hope this makes sense.  I did try to nail this down with the powerdot 
> people first.
> Thanks in advance,
> David

Powerdot is part of TeXLive, and of MacTeX, so most people using TeX on a Mac have it installed by default.
This is clearly your case, as you report that it still works when you "uninstall".

The first thing you should do when creating a variation on a powerdot style is to make a copy and give it a distinct name. 
This is a general rule (not just for powerdot, but for open source software in general). You are free to modify, but must not give your modified version the same name as the original. 
So, if you are customizing powerdot-fyma.sty, try calling your version (for lack of a better name) powerdot-myfyma.sty

While you are testing your version of the sty file, keep it next to the presentation you are testing it with - that is, put both in the same folder. 
This is guaranteed to avoid any mixup, since, to begin with, your \documentclass command will read something like


and there will be no other sty file that can be used but your own.

When you are satisfied that your sty file is as you want it, and if you plan to use it with new presentations, place it inside ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/powerdot (creating the folders along the way, if necessary).

Luis Sequeira

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