[OS X TeX] --shell-escape

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Jul 19 11:52:30 EDT 2010

At 13:34 +0100 19/7/10, Antonio Cosma wrote:

>I am using Tikz and Gnuplot to produce graphs. I use the default 
>pdflatex engine to typeset.
>I have TexLive 2009 and Gnuplot 4.2 patch 6.
>I used the installation suggested by Peter Vamos on this list, and 
>everything works fine (thanks!) by compiling from the command line
>  pdflatex --shell-escape gnuplot-basics.tex
>I was wandering wether it is possible to pass the "--shell-escape" 
>option by typesetting with TexShop,

That is what I do (i.e. write and typeset with TeXShop). No need to 
do anything extra as already remarked by Herb.


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