[OS X TeX] copy and paste

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Sun Jul 25 16:57:22 EDT 2010

On 26/07/2010, at 8:33 AM, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hello Cleo,
> On 26/07/2010, at 5:11 AM, Cleo <claunirp at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> If I select and copy a paragraph from a pdf file and then paste  
>> into texShop,
>> the words with ff are broken and the letters ff are not copied.
>> Example: the word "different" becomes "dierent".
>> Have someone of you had such a problem?
>  ... Since you must be using a font which has the ff ligature in a  
> non-standard position, and without a CMAP resource. This is the case  
> with Computer Modern, as you would get naturally with OT1 encoding.  
> Other, later, TeX fonts fix one or other of these deficiencies.
> Also there are packages {cmap} and {mmap} which fix this and other  
> subtle problems. And the latest versions of pdfTeX can automatically  
> generate CMAP resources; though not fully reliably.
> To advise you of the best fix, we need to see the complete preamble  
> of your LaTeX documents. That way we can choose the best minimal  
> modification to the way you currently work.

I too experience that problem. Mostly if I copy content from Word, but  
any program that has made use of ligatures. The default encoding  is  
MacOS Roman.

Ross the problem isn't in typesetting and losing ligatures, it is when  
pasting text from other sources that have ligatures and these are lost  
when the text is pasted into TeXShop. I don't recall this being a  
problem before. I am using 10.5.8.

The default font is Helvetica 10.


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