[OS X TeX] MacTeX-2010

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Thu Sep 9 19:51:36 EDT 2010


Karl Berry just announced the release of TeX Live 2010. See


Simultaneously we announce the release of MacTeX-2010. It can be
obtained at


These web pages may temporarily refer to MacTeX-2009, but the MacTeX
link on the pages will still lead to MacTeX-2010. The web pages will be
updated soon.

You may wish to delay downloading for a couple of days. The web page
connects to a multiplexer which chooses a mirror site close to
your location, and downloads MacTeX.mpkg.zip from that mirror.
MacTeX.mpkg.zip is just a symbolic link to a dated file on the mirror site.
It can take several days for the mirror sites to be updated, but after that,
the link will point to mactex20100907.zip, the new release.

MacTeX-2010 updates TeX Live, Ghostscript, TeXShop, TeXworks, LaTeXit,
BibDesk, and TeX Live Utility. It can be installed on top of the previous version.
Indeed, TeX Live 2009 will not be overwritten, so you can retreat to the
earlier version using the TeX Distribution Preference Pane if you run into

See the section on www.tug.org about TeX Live for a description of changes
this year.

Richard Koch

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