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Charlie Ros5e vonHellberg at Wispertel.net
Thu Feb 10 16:59:48 EST 2011

Ok ... I've learned something. (I still don't know how that happens, but it's irrelevant.) Thanks for the correction!

On 2011 Feb 10, at 22:43 PM, Andrea Raiconi wrote:

> it's first point  in the "etiquette" link posted at the end of each message: "Please do not start a new thread (with the corresponding new subject) by replying to a post from another thread. If you do this, email clients, such as Apple's Mail, will then put all of these messages together making it very difficult to find information."
> Il giorno Feb 10, 2011, alle ore 10:36 PM, Charlie Ros5e ha scritto:
>> I don't know anything about hijacking another thread. When I composed my question, I clicked my mail program's "Reply" button to get a new message with the   macosx-tex at email.esm.psu.edu   address already in the To: field. I then changed the Subject: field, erased the body of the old message, replaced it with my own, and sent it out. If that wasn't enough to start a new thread, then I don't know how this system works, and I apologize for unwittingly producing a problem.

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