[OS X TeX] Referencing to figure in another document

Shahriar Anwar anwar at asu.edu
Mon Feb 21 20:33:51 EST 2011

Dear LaTeX Community,

I am writing a manuscript using the memoir class. The different chapters ( .tex files) of the manuscript are entered in the main document with the command \include{Path/ChapterName}. Now if I have a figure in Chapter2 (\label{fig:AGreatFigure}), say, and want to reference it from Chapter4, then how would I go about doing it? 

I have tried \ref{fig:AGreatFigure} and \ref{Path/Chapter2/fig:AGreatFigure} and different variants of it in Chapter4, but upon compiling my main manuscript.tex file I get question marks (??) where I expect the proper referencing to be. Of course I have saved and compiled my documents several times but haven't figured out the solution.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Shahriar Anwar

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