[OS X TeX] Two problems with TeXworks

Rob Rye rowenrye at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 11:45:21 EST 2011

On Feb 23, 2011, at 1:29 AM, M. Tamer Özsu wrote:

> On 2011-02-23, at 4:44 PM, Joseph Wright wrote:
>> On 23/02/2011 08:38, Manuel Pouring-Gonnard wrote:
>>> First, I noticed that when I "close" TeXworks by using the red button at the top
>>> left of the main window, I can't reopen it later from the dock as I would do
>>> with any other application (firefox, safari, OOo, etc). I need to first quit it
>>> (either right clic -> quit from the dock or cmd-Q from inside the app). Am I
>>> doing anything wrong? Is it a (known) bug?
>> You need to do File -> New (Cmd-N) to get a new TeXworks window on the
>> Mac (I've always found it a bit odd, but I guess I've got used to it).
> It is actually not that odd -- when you click on that red button, you are not quitting the application, but only closing the window. If you check it, you will see that TeXworks is still running. So, you need to open a new window (as you indicate), not restart the application.

It is not possible to quit an application in Mac OS X by clicking on any of the buttons on a given window. Those buttons each have specific meanings, none of which is "quit this application". Red closes the window you have selected and nothing else. Yellow minimizes the window and puts it on the dock (as an icon you can click and restore to its original size). Green toggles between a maximized view and the view it had just before you maximized. Maximization does different things in different apps, though in most it will at least fill the screen vertically if not horizontally as well. 


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