[OS X TeX] Font problem with PDF figures in MacTex

Jean Jeener jean.jeener at scarlet.be
Sun Jan 2 05:58:00 EST 2011

I prepare figures with Illustrator 8 (on my PowerBook G4, under OS 9.2) by inserting mathematical expressions that have been typeset with Textures. The resulting EPS figures were always treated correctly by Textures (also on an  Intel iMac using OSX 10.6.5) and by the scientific journals.
When my LaTeX source + EPS figures is typeset with MacTex (Latex, pdftex), the mathematical expressions in a figure are rendered correctly or incorrectly in the PDF output window, depending upon the text surrounding the figure (!!), as shown by the simple example attached. I have also attached a screen capture showing the problem (the \gamma should be a space !). Following advice from Richard Koch, I was happy to see that the problem does not show up when I use Tex and DVI instead of pdftex. Nevertheless, this is a very strange bug.

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