[OS X TeX] Font problem with PDF figures in MacTex

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Sun Jan 2 08:48:53 EST 2011

Le 2 janv. 11 à 11:58, Jean Jeener a écrit :

> I prepare figures with Illustrator 8 (on my PowerBook G4, under OS  
> 9.2) by inserting mathematical expressions that have been typeset  
> with Textures. The resulting EPS figures were always treated  
> correctly by Textures (also on an  Intel iMac using OSX 10.6.5) and  
> by the scientific journals.
> When my LaTeX source + EPS figures is typeset with MacTex (Latex,  
> pdftex), the mathematical expressions in a figure are rendered  
> correctly or incorrectly in the PDF output window, depending upon  
> the text surrounding the figure (!!), as shown by the simple example  
> attached. I have also attached a screen capture showing the problem  
> (the \gamma should be a space !). Following advice from Richard  
> Koch, I was happy to see that the problem does not show up when I  
> use Tex and DVI instead of pdftex. Nevertheless, this is a very  
> strange bug.

I used the Apple Distiller to convert this EPS figure to a PDF one.  
After direct inclusion of this figure to the "bad" tex file  
(\includegraphics{fig.pdf}) the problem does not show up any more.

It seems that this a problem related to the distiller that comes with  
TeX Live 2010…

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