[OS X TeX] Configuring LaTeX produced PDF's for a Kindle

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On Jan 3, 2011, at 11:23 PM, David Derbes wrote:

> I'm writing a book (probably for free), and wanted to see what it looked like on a Kindle, which I was given as thanks for doing a school evaluation. Being a sensible husband, I gave it immediately to my wife, but wanted to see what my book looked like.
> Basically, the standard 8.5 by 11 pages are rendered as miniature pages on the Kindle. You can read 'em if your eyes are good enough, but it is really tiring... I tried rotating into landscape mode, and blowing up the font but the result is a tiny little fraction of the page. 
> My guess is that there is a sensible solution out there somewhere, using the geometry package or something. Does anyone have an appropriate preamble incantation that will output what would have been standard US pages into a nice Kindle format? I don't mind flipping pages 4x as often, but having to scroll first left and then right, or reading tiny tiny fonts, is just unacceptable. I think someone has invented this wheel already, but there's nothing obvious on the web as yet.

Cool thank you gift!

So, is the idea that you make a giant page, which is then shrunk down to a "mini" kindle size which takes up the whole screen? Or is it that you want to divide up the page into smaller sections? I think it's the latter...

So then I guess the question is, what is the size you want the page to be?

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