[OS X TeX] gs in mactex 2011

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Tue Jul 19 10:28:58 EDT 2011


Since questions have arisen about Ghostscript 9.02 in MacTeX, I went back to
examine the construction of that package.

It was constructed as follows.

First I renamed /usr/local to /usr/local-old, so my machine had no /usr/local. Next I compiled
ghostscript using the standard

	sudo make install

Then I made an install package from the resulting /usr/local. So everything
created by compiling 9.02 is in the package.

I have a three page TeX document listing the details which I can put on my web site
if desired. (The web site already has a version of that document created when we still
supported Tiger.) Here are additional details from the current document.

1) In the past, we added Ghostscript fonts from 


(2003). My notes say the most recent Ghostscript contains compressed copies of
these files in the binary, so the folder is no longer needed.

2) The situation with the gs binary itself is slightly complicated. We compile 
the binary on Leopard Intel and Leopard PPC, both with and without X11 support.
We also compile it on Snow Leopard in 64 bits. The appropriate binary is installed,
depending on whether the user has Leopard or Snow Leopard and beyond, and
whether they have X11.

3) Finally, my notes say "Bruno Voisin discovered that ghostscript also installs some
files in the system cups directory for printing. He later discovered that these files break
printing in at least one case not related to Ghostscript. My policy is never to install in
Apple's system files, so these cups files are NOT installed by MacTeX Ghostscript.

Dick Koch

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