[OS X TeX] Re: PDFSync problems

Juan Luis Varona jvarona at unirioja.es
Wed Jul 20 13:17:52 EDT 2011

Justin C. Walker <justin at ...> writes:

> Hi, all,
> I just noticed the following "glitch" with labels and refs.  Maybe "pdfsync", 
> but I'm not sure.
> If I put a label on an "exercise" (created with "\newtheorem"), 
> and then click on a ref to it, I end up at page 1,
> not the page where the exercise is.  
> This worked in (the latest update to) TL-2010.  I'm currently using TL-2011.  

I got the same that you describe both with texlive 2010 and texlive 2011.

I think that the problem is that the \begin{compactenum} forces a end of line 
just in the title of "Exercise", when latex do not want a end of line.

A workaround is to use

Moreover, why to use \usepackage{pdfsync}? 
pdfsync is obsolete, buggy an modifies the pdf output
(for instance, it adds unwanted spaces in many places).
Use, instead, synctex, that does not requiere any package.


Juan Luis

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