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On Jun 15, 2011, at 7:41 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

>> Attached you will find two files that illustrate a problem I'm having.  As you can see in the PDF file, there's a page break between the "Exercise 3.4" heading and the solution.   Needless to say, this is a really bad place for a page break.  It would make much more sense for the page break to appear before the heading, so that the heading and the solution would be together.
> But that spreads the other exercises out by an inordinate amount.
> That can be fixed with a \filbreak which puts all the excess space
> at the bottom of the page.

Good idea.

> (Note how I use $$...$$ to get the centering.
> After all it is a maths problem that is being shown.)

I'm treating this as a textual table with math entries.  It might be worthwhile to to see the difference in spacing; I don't know how much it will matter.  When the table entries (not the headings) are 0s and 1s, it won't matter.  However, we do truth tables with "F" and "T" earlier in the text.  I want these to be set as roman, and not math italic.  So the center environment will probably be more helpful than the equation environment.

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Do you know Ian Sloan and his group at UNSW?

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