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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
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Hi Art,

On 16/06/2011, at 11:25 AM, Art Werschulz wrote:

> I'm treating this as a textual table with math entries.  It might be worthwhile to to see the difference in spacing; I don't know how much it will matter.  

There is no difference.

> When the table entries (not the headings) are 0s and 1s, it won't matter.  However, we do truth tables with "F" and "T" earlier in the text.  I want these to be set as roman, and not math italic.  So the center environment will probably be more helpful than the equation environment.

The fact that you are using \begin{tabular} ... \end{tabular} ,
which creates everything inside an \hbox , means that you are back 
into text mode for each cell anyway. So the inside of the table
is unaffected by putting the whole thing into a math environment.

I'm also thinking of the overall markup in a MathML/HTML kind of 
setting, and what TeX --> *ML translators can be expected to do.

Your way, the treatment is an HTML <table> structure, where each cell 
 <td> ... </td>  has to have its own MathML <math> tagging tree.

My way is conceptually much simpler, using MathML's  <mtable>  tagging,
and  <mtd>...</mtd>  for the cells.
This is because within a math environment, a translator can be expected
to interpret a tabular layout as  <mtable>  rather than  <table> .

> Do you know Ian Sloan and his group at UNSW?

Yes, quite well.
Mostly through ANZIAM and ICIAM.

> Art Werschulz
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