[OS X TeX] using MathTime fonts

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Mon Aug 20 20:42:36 EDT 2012


Having just recently upgraded to MacTeX 2012 ...

I have the real MathTime fonts, which I want to use instead of the Belleek fonts.  My file mt-yy.map consists of the following:

MTEX MTEX <mtex.pfb
MTMI MTMI <mtmi.pfb
MTSY MTSY <mtsy.pfb
RMTMI RMTMI <rmtmi.pfb
mtex MTEX <mtex.pfb
mtmi mtmi <mtmi.pfb
mtsy MTSY <mtsy.pfb
rmtmi RMTMI <rmtmi.pfb

As root, I run
# updmap --disable belleek.map
# updmap --enable mt-yy.map

When I run a test file through pdflatex, everything is fine.

When I run it through non-pdf latex:
(*) xdvi gives the proper results
(*) dvips uses a Courier font instead the proper MathTime fonts.
So it appears that something is funny with dvips.  But note:

agw at home:tmp$ grep -i ^mtmi `kpsewhich psfonts.map`
MTMI MTMI <mtmi.pfb
mtmi mtmi <mtmi.pfb

So the right fonts should be taken.

Although I use pdf(la)tex almost all the time, this is a little detail I'd like to fix.

Thoughts?  Thanks.

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