[OS X TeX] hebrew with LaTeX

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Thu Jan 12 20:27:11 EST 2012


For a long time, I've been using Joel Hoffman's Hebrew TeX setup.  This mainly consists of an interface file hletter1.tex (which define \aleph, \bet, etc.), as well as MetaFont files (such as hclassic.mf) for Hebrew fonts.  This works fine for the small amount of Hebrew I might want to put into my documents (e.g., for a dedication).

Now the TeXLive distribution contains ArabTeX, which has a map file named arabtex.map for updmap.  Said map file has the lines
  hclassic TeX-hclassic <hclassic-4.pfb
  hcaption TeX-hcaption <hcaption-4.pfb
When I use the "out of the box" version of a new distribution, Hebrew characters all come out as little blobs.

Now the easy fix is to simply run
  # updmap-sys --disable arabtex.map
and I'll be using my old PK fonts (e.g., hclassic.600pk).  I need to do this every time I install a new version of the TeXLive distribution.

How can I avoid all this?  There ought to be a way for me to easily use the hclassic-4.pfb font, rather than the PK version.  


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