[OS X TeX] permanently deleting a map from updmap.cfg

Art Werschulz agw at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 06:20:04 EST 2012


Instructions in the updmap.cfg file say one should make local customizations by adding local map entries to the file TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/updmap-local.cfg and then calling
       tlmgr generate updmap
which will concatenate updmap-local.cfg to the end of the final updmap.cfg.  The advantage of doing this is that local adaptations will be preserved when tlmgr updates the installation.

Two questions:
(1) Does this also preserve local adaptations when using a TeXLive CD-ROM to install a new version?
(2) One adds a new map to updmap.cfg by putting a line
	Map foo.map
into updmap-local.cfg.  I would've guessed that one would remove a map by adding the line
	#! Map bar.map
but that doesn't seem to be working.  Any ideas how to do this in updmap-local.cfg?


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