[OS X TeX] Xelatex font map warning that puzzles me

Nathan Paxton napaxton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 19:58:29 EST 2012

	Hi all,

	I'm typesetting a rather simple document in Minion Pro with XeLaTeX, and it compiles nicely. But at the end, I get the following warnings:

** WARNING ** Invalid char in fontmap line: 4
** WARNING ** Invalid map record in fontmap line 4219 from pdftex.map.
** WARNING ** -- Ignore the current input buffer: ec-hoefler-raw-HoeflerText HoeflerText-Regular 4 <HoeflerText.ttf ec-hoefler.enc

	Hoefler Text is not involved in the doc at all, as far as I know. Is there anything here to worry about or to correct?

All the best,
Nathan Paxton
napaxton at gmail.com

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