[OS X TeX] Malayalam and other Indian languages on Mac

NMPOST7 nmpost7 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 16:27:01 EDT 2012

On 07/07/2012 22:18, David Watson wrote:
> I don't have to face using two languages at once, and I'm not sure how to handle hyphenation patterns with 
this minimal setup, but this is what I get with the following minimal example file.
> % !TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode
> \documentclass{minimal}
> \usepackage{unicode-math}
> \pdfprotrudechars=2
> \pdfadjustspacing=2
> \newfontfeature{Microtype}{protrusion=default;expansion=default;}
> \defaultfontfeatures{Microtype,Ligatures=TeX}
> \setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX, BoldFont = {* Semibold},BoldItalicFont={* Semibold Italic}]{MinionPro}
> \begin{document}
> Wer Butter am Kopf hat, soll nicht in die Sonne gehen.
> \setmainfont{MalayalamMN}
> മലയാളം 
> \end{document}

Thank you, That made me smile. Well, I have no problem with using German and
English. The problem is with Malayalam.

Now, if I may ask: what TeX is this LaTex/XeLaTeX/XeTeX/PdfTeX......


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