[OS X TeX] Problem with babel's Greek option

Johann Spies johann.spies at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 14:14:31 EDT 2012

I have been using Greek (and Hebrew) for many years in LaTeX in a
longstanding document without serious problems. In the last year or two I
cannot compile that document any longer.

The following document illustrates a problem with Greek:

\usepackage[greek, english]{babel}

\textgreek{T’i f’hic? <Id‘wn >enj’ede pa~id’’ >eleuj’eran
        t‘ac plhs’ion N’umfac stefano~usan, S’wstrate,
        >er~wn ’ap~hljec e>uj’uc?}


This ends in:

ERROR: Undefined control sequence.

--- TeX said ---
l.58 \bbl at declare@ttribute
--- HELP ---

This happen every time I use

I have MacTex's 2011 version of Texlive on Lion.

How can I get Greek back in my documents?

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my lips will praise you.  (Psalm 63:3)
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