[OS X TeX] Minion Pro text figures and old style numerals (medium weight)

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Sun May 6 00:22:19 EDT 2012

In my reply to "Old style numerals with small caps" I mentioned using the mathlf option in MinionPro so that I get old style numerals everywhere except in math mode. (Note: mathlf seems to be equivalent to the textosf option). This actually requires some extra lines of code if you are using full family with medium weight. Like I said before, it's odd that the writers of MinionPro did almost everything to support the medium weight font, and could have completed it with an apparently tiny extra amount of work. So, you only have to add a few extra lines in your .tex file. The following code gives you medium weight text and lining figures for regular, italic, swash, small caps, and italic small caps. I did not set up tabular figures as I have no need for them. Those could be added by imitating the following code and selecting the proper names to substitute by looking at the names of the (large number) of afm files.

% Enable Minion Pro medium weight lining figures ---------------------
 <-> MinionPro-Medium-lf-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-lf-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-lf-swash-t1
 <-> MinionPro-Medium-lf-sc-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-lf-sc-t1
% Enable Minion Pro medium weight text figures --------------------
 <-> MinionPro-Medium-osf-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-osf-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-osf-swash-t1
 <-> MinionPro-Medium-osf-sc-t1
 <-> MinionPro-MediumIt-osf-sc-t1

\renewcommand*{\bfdefault}{eb}  % use with MinionPro medfamily option
\def\semib#1{{\fontseries{sb}\selectfont #1}}
\def\medw#1{{\fontseries{mb}\selectfont #1}}

Richard Séguin

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