[OS X TeX] Eliminate extra vertical space in enumerate?

Gary L. Gray glgray at me.com
Sun May 6 14:17:47 EDT 2012

Hi All,

This is not a Mac specific question, but I thought I would venture here first.

In the solutions manual for my textbooks, the problem statement and accompanying figure for each solution is enclosed in a box at the top of the page. If the problem statements consists of nothing but an enumerate environment, then extra vertical space is placed between the beginning of the environment and the rule of the enclosing box above it. Is there some way that this space can be removed in the case for which the problem state is nothing but this environment? Appended is a short example that exhibits the behavior I am describing. Notice the white space above the enumerate environment that does not exist in the second framebox.

Thank you.



First item.
Second item.
Third item.

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