[OS X TeX] TeXShop 3.09

R Martinez rm.tech at mac.com
Sat May 19 03:25:46 EDT 2012


I installed the new TeXShop 3.09 and am getting some very odd behavior when I open an existing .tex file (a file that I have been working on with previous versions of TeXShop).

Specifically, the problem is that the argument of all the LaTeX commands is missing. For example, the command


shows as

\documentclass     {          }.

The text document is fine when I display it in TextEdit or QuickLook. Even odder is that when I select (highlight) the command, the missing characters appear but they are white and can be seen only when contrasted with the highlight color. So the missing text is not missing; it just does not get displayed.

I have been using TeXShop for years and have never encountered anything like this.

Can anyone explain what is going on and how to fix it? 

Thanks in advance.

Raul Martinez


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