[OS X TeX] undefined \scriptfont

Ewan Delanoy ewan.delanoy at gmx.fr
Sat May 19 05:01:23 EDT 2012

Hello all,

 I have trouble compiling a tex file I downloaded from the Internet. The error
 message is the following :

 ! \scriptfont 7 is undefined (character B).
 l.1111 $$

 According to Adrian JohnStone's concise guide to TeX/LaTeX, this problem should be fixed
 by inserting a command \load{size}{font} in the preamble of the document, where "size" is one of \tiny,\scriptsize, ... ,\huge, and font is one of \rm,\bf,... ,\sl,\tt.

 The related passage in the document is :

 line 1110 $$ |z| = \sum_{i = 0}^n z_i B^i,
 line 1111 \quad\text{where}~z_n\ne 0~\text{and}~B = 2^{\kbd{BITS\_IN\_LONG}}.
 line 1112 $$

 I also noted that in the document, the \kbd command is defined as

 \def\kbd#1{{\tt #1}}

 So what should I "load" ?

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