[OS X TeX] undefined \scriptfont

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 19 08:49:58 EDT 2012

On 19/05/12 11:01, Ewan Delanoy wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have trouble compiling a tex file I downloaded from the Internet. The
> error
> message is the following :
> ! \scriptfont 7 is undefined (character B).
> l.1111 $$
> According to Adrian JohnStone's concise guide to TeX/LaTeX, this problem
> should be fixed
> by inserting a command \load{size}{font} in the preamble of the
> document, where "size" is one of \tiny,\scriptsize, ... ,\huge, and font
> is one of \rm,\bf,... ,\sl,\tt.

This is an advice for latex and it is not useful for plain tex 
documents. The document you are typesetting seems to be chapter 4 of the 
pari-gp user's guide, which is a plain tex document. It has its own 
macro package parimacro.tex, which is a kind of mini-latex. In 
particular, it contains the lines

\font\seventt=cmtt8 scaled 875

which takes care of the font in question.

Anyway, your code snippet typesets OK when inserted into a latex 
document (with amsmath loaded for the \text macro), and the pari-gp 
user's guide typesets OK, too, so your error message must come from 
something particular you did. Unless you tell what you did and in what 
environment, there is not much chance of a meaningful answer to your 

> The related passage in the document is :
> line 1110 $$ |z| = \sum_{i = 0}^n z_i B^i,
> line 1111 \quad\text{where}~z_n\ne 0~\text{and}~B =
> 2^{\kbd{BITS\_IN\_LONG}}.
> line 1112 $$
> I also noted that in the document, the \kbd command is defined as
> \def\kbd#1{{\tt #1}}
> So what should I "load" ?
> Ewan


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