[OS X TeX] undefined \scriptfont

Ewan Delanoy ewan.delanoy at gmx.fr
Sat May 19 10:48:36 EDT 2012

>The document you are typesetting seems to be chapter 4 of the
 >pari-gp user's guide, which is a plain tex document.

 Indeed. I am amazed by your medium-like powers :-) : everything is as you say.

 >Anyway, your code snippet typesets OK when inserted into a latex
 >document (with amsmath loaded for the \text macro), and the pari-gp
 >user's guide typesets OK, too, so your error message must come from
 >something particular you did. Unless you tell what you did and in what
 >environment, there is not much chance of a meaningful answer to your

 Initially, it was a problem I had in updating my GP version, a problem that involved both tex and non-tex files. I presented only the tex part of the problem here.
 Now the GP problem is solved, and after some trial and error I finally could produce a seemingly normal pdf file.
 So the bad news is that we'll never know exactly what went wrong with the tex compilation, and the good news is that the problem is solved.

 Thanks for the feedback anyway.

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