[OS X TeX] How do I use a personally compiled luatex with MacTeX,

George Nurser gnurser at gmail.com
Mon May 28 07:04:49 EDT 2012

I suspect this a generic question, to do with my ignorance of latex
installation and .fmt files etc in general.

I have MacTex 2011 on my Mac (10.6 intel), pretty much up to date with tlmgr.

There is a bug in my current version of luatex which I think has been
fixed in svn, so I've just downloaded the latest version of LuaTeX
from svn into a directory ~/VC_code/luatex
I then built it in the ~/VC_code/luatex directory using the supplied ./build.sh.
This created a build directory, including the luatex binary at

However, if I try to run this executable directly it firstly warns me
that it cannot find the texmf.cnf file in  various
~/VC_code/build/.... directories (so it does not know about the MacTeX
installation) and then complains that it cannot find the luatex.ini
file to build luatex.fmt.

I suspect I'm doing the whole thing wrong here, as I guess I want the
new luatex installed into /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local or into

--George Nurser

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