[OS X TeX] First take on TeX Touch

George Gratzer gratzer at me.com
Wed Sep 5 13:43:42 EDT 2012

To get started:

We assume that you have a Dropbox folder and in there there is a folder with the TeX files you want to work with.

Start Tex Touch. To typeset on the vancapy server:

1. Create an account:  touch ``TeX Cloud Setup'',  then ``Create account''. Then ``Login''.

2. Touch ``Dropbox'', and sign in for your Dropbox account. (It is assumed that you have one; if not create one by going to the dropbox.com Web site.)

3. A window comes up to set the tex folder in Dropbox.

4. Touch ``download'' for all files needed.

They appear in the left pain.

5. Touch ``upload'' for all, to send them to TeX Cloud. Touch ``Done''.

6. In the right pane, touch the file you want to edit or typeset.

7. An important hint comes up: one finger swipe moves the cursor one character! The file comes up for editing. Touch the text anywhere, and the usual iPad keyboard comes up augmented with keys important for TeX.

8. Once you are done editing, touch ``TeX'' in the upper right corner, the ``TeX!'' in the upper left corner. 

9. Touching ``PDF'', displayes the PDF file.

10. Exit by touching ``Document''.

Clearly, this is appropriate only for TeX projects with a few files and standard fonts. 

To typeset on your computer, download to your Mac and install TexTimer for the vancapy site. Run it.

Go through Steps 1--4 above.

5'. Touch ``General Settings''. For ``Compiling method'', touch ``Tex Cloud'', and then touch ``Dropbox''. Touch ``Done''.

6'. Touch the TeX file to typeset, and touch ``TeX'' in the upper right corner. This will upload the file to the Dropbox server. (It never completed this for me.)

It then downloads to your computer, where TeXTimer notices the change (if any) and then causes the file to be typeset. The PDF then migrates to the Dropbox server and then to your iPad.

Please let me know if you can follow the instructions and let me know how Tex Touch suits your needs.


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