[OS X TeX] TS and phantom Find window

Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at icloud.com
Fri May 17 13:28:56 EDT 2013

I noticed that TS has inched closer to resolving the problem of the phantom Find window. 

With the OgreKit, say you search for some string that produces results in a new window just below the Find window, with the name "Find results for...". If you dismiss the upper window ("Find"),  both Find window close. Now apple-click on the dock to any other application to bring it in the foreground while hiding TS, then get back to TS, you will find that both Find windows are still there and that the dismiss button of the top window is unresponsive. That's the phantom Find. 

If you dismiss the lower window ("Find Results for ...") instead, both Find windows close and remain closed when you go back and forth between TS and other applications. No phantom in this case.  

Some additional experimentation shows that the phantom problem is caused by interaction with the Hide Others feature of the OS, which I use a lot. If you don't Hide Others after closing the top Find window and moving to another app, there is no phantom. 


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