[OS X TeX] Macro sheets in TeXShop?

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 23:43:53 EST 2014

On Mar 5, 2014, at 9:51 PM, Herbert Schulz wrote:

> On Mar 5, 2014, at 8:32 PM, Alain Schremmer  
> <schremmer.alain at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I write essentially three different kinds of LaTeX---for text. for  
>> ancillaries, and for the code to manage the ancillaries---and I  
>> have different stylesheets for each kind.
>> I was wondering if there could similarly, somehow, be different  
>> TeXShop macrosheets as I end up never using more than about one  
>> third of my (many) macros---which third depending on the kind of  
>> LaTeX I am writing.
>> Not too hopeful regards (inasmuch as I am running TeXShop 2.47  
>> under 10.5.8 on a PPC.)
>> --schremmer
> Howdy,
> Glad you're not too hopeful! :-) But not because you're running 2.47  
> since that hasn't changed. There is only one file that holds all  
> macros so you can't partition it and easily switch; especially from  
> within TeXShop.

Too bad! Oh well, t'was just a dream.

Best regards

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