[OS X TeX] Danger?

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Mon Oct 6 08:26:49 EDT 2014

On Oct 5, 2014, at 10:23 PM, Adam R. Maxwell <amaxwell at mac.com> wrote:

>> On Oct 5, 2014, at 20:09 , George Gratzer <gratzer at me.com> wrote:
>> I have never had any problems before. So you freshly downloaded an ew version. Does that make any difference?
>> How do we uninstall?
> You should be prepared to reinstall the previous version from a backup, or keep a partition with the latest non-beta OS (the latter is what I do, and I've been beta-testing Mac OS X since 10.2.3 or so). If you cannot do this, do not install a beta of the operating system.
> Note that Yosemite still has bugs. PDF viewers have had issues (e.g., Skim, Preview) and TeX Live Utility is broken, for instance.
> Adam


The TeX Distribution Preference Pane (in System Preferences) is also broken under Yosemite. I usually wait until 10.X.1 at least to install a new OS version because some of the software I use is OS X version specific and lags behind the release. For Yosemite I may wait until I hear that the specific problems folks have been seeing (specifically the passing of the environment to GUI apps making system calls) has either been fixed or a work-around has been found.

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