[OS X TeX] Personal dictionaris in CocoAspell

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Thu Sep 4 01:07:48 EDT 2014

Hello Herb, 

On 31Aug2014, at 11:11 AM, Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com> wrote:


>> \emph and \tikz and \tikzpicture and a couple of other things are still underlined in red but a lot of underlines have disappeared, hence I conclude that CocoAspell is doing its job. However, I see now that when I move to
>> Edit->Show Spelling and Grammar
>> someone questions me about certain spellings. So I told it to `Learn’ «emph» but they are still underlined.

No longer does CocoAspell mark `emph’ as a spelling error when it occurs in «\emph».  

> You can add more items to the list of commands understood by CocoAspell although I don't understand why \emph isn't recognized. Open System Preferences->Spelling->Filters->TeX/LaTeX to see the list of special commands. To add a command to the list click on the + and go to the bottom of the list to see a command called unknown. Double click the unknown and enter, e.g., emph (note: without \, the backslash). Then click on the braces on the right side to activate the argument setup. A set of [] or {} symbolize an optional or regular argument that shouldn't be spell checked while [√] or {√} are optional or regular arguments that should be spell checked. In the case of emph the regular argument should be spell checked. To enter a √ you press Opt-V (note: if that doesn't work let me know) so you should have {√} on the right hand side.

I tried the above with `tikzpicture’. I ended up with the entry

tikzpicture {√}

quit TeXShop and then reopened it. On entering 


the red underlining appeared! Although

System Preferences -> Spelling -> Filters -> TeX/LaTeX 

shows a large number of entries, e.g., «geometry {}» almost all have no checkmarks √ included which makes sense. At least I understand now why \parbox is governed by


After some experimentation with TeXShop’s «Edit->Show Spelling and Grammar» it is easy to  add weird strings like «tikz» to Aspell's vocabulary. However, it is not clear if it is worth the bother. 

> On the other hand I believe that the default behavior for any command that isn't in that list is to just ignore it and go on; i.e., \emph is NOT on my list but the spell checker doesn't seem to flag it---maybe I put it on the Learn list some time in the past.

Thank you.

don green dragon
fergdc at shaw.ca

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