[OS X TeX] bug with the cyrillic fonts

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dear Juan,

On Sep 24, 2014, at 03:09, juan tolosa <juantolo at me.com> wrote:
> I am afraid I will show my ignorance, but I don't know what T2A means.

The T2A font encoding is one of the supported ways to associate characters (such as "letter ы") to slots in a TeX font table.  In particular, an encoding determines a character set which may — as with T2A — or may not (T1) include Cyrillic.

> The same applies to "UT8 input encoding,"

Same thing but for plain text files.  It defines which bit sequences stand for which characters.

> which sounds pretty imposing. I use cyrillic for Russian. What I use is surely outdated, since I have been using it for more years than I care to remember---ever since I started doing translation of math papers for the AMS, which was a long time ago. What I do to typeset in Russian is, follow the indications given for the \cyracc AMS family: one uses the {\cyr ...} environment and, within it, one uses the standard Russian transliteration, except for things like p1 for the soft sign, and p2 for the hard sign, which are not obvious. 
> If you can help me out with concrete examples of what T2A is, and how one can use it, I would be very grateful. A sample file, with the necessary font declarations included would probably be the best, given my ignorance in the subject. 

Here is a minimal example in LaTeX — yours was in plain TeX, to which it ought to be adaptable, but I am not sure how.  Success depends on the presence of all the appropriate files for the cmr font family, but this should be automatic on most of this century installations.

% in the preamble, add the following incantations:
% make sure that in TeXShop preferences (source/input panel), Unicode (UTF8) encoding is selected.
\usepackage[T1,T2A]{fontenc} % whichever encoding is mentioned first, is the "default"
{\cyr Как бы {\bfseries цыплята} нас по осени {\itshape не {\bfseries посчитали}}.}\par
You don't have to use the ø-less T2A if you don't want to.

Here is what I get:

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> Thank your for your comment about что касается упражнения, you are absolutely right, my fault. Only I need to make a small correction to your Grammar comment: after the verb касатъся, one uses Genitive, not Accusative (which I should have done, but didn't). The Accusative for упражнение is still упражнение (as a neuter noun). 

I stand corrected.  Genitive is right.  Don't know what I was thinking.

as ever,

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