[OS X TeX] Two pdftex in Activity Monitor

chris chris at gcjd.org
Mon Jul 25 06:26:42 EDT 2016

On Sun, 24 Jul 2016 22:35:53 -0400, Alain Schremmer wrote:
> I am using TexShop 2.47 with TeXLive 2013 under 10.6.8. Everything 
> works swimmingly except that, occasionally, compilation is a bit 
> slow.  Since I am slow myself, that is fine except that the mac just 
> crashed.

Macs usually don't just crash without a reason.
What exactly did happen, complete freeze, reboot, kernel panic screen?
Which model are you using?
What does the system.log file (/var/log/system.log) say at the time of 

> Nothing got lost but I got curious and started Activity 
> Monitor to see if I could not disable a few competing and unnecessary 
> applications.

What do you mean by disable. Did you just quit unused applications?
Normally this should not make a difference unless you are running very 
low on RAM. Check this in Activity Monitor "System Memory" pane. "Swap 
used" is the most interesting.

> I did so and it seemed to have made compilation a bit 
> faster. But then I noticed that Activity Monitor lists two pdftex so 
> I watched them as I was working.

Sorry don't know about the internals of pdftex.

Greetings, chris

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