[OS X TeX] Two pdftex in Activity Monitor

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 22:35:53 EDT 2016

I am using TexShop 2.47 with TeXLive 2013 under 10.6.8. Everything works swimmingly except that, occasionally, compilation is a bit slow.  Since I am slow myself, that is fine except that the mac just crashed. Nothing got lost but I got curious and started Activity Monitor to see if I could not disable a few competing and unnecessary applications. I did so and it seemed to have made compilation a bit faster. But then I noticed that Activity Monitor lists two pdftex so I watched them as I was working.

When idling, both use 0.0%CPU and 1 Thread, and pdftex1 uses 34.7 BM and pdftex2 34.6 MB of "Real Mem" and both use 120.2 MB Virtual Mem.

When compiling a chapter, pdftex1 uses around 100% and pdftex2 uses 0.0% Real mem for both changes a bit but stays around 35.

When compiling the whole book, a third pdftex comes on and things seem to alternate between it and pdftex2.

Is there anything I should do? On the other hand, since it ain't broke .... What does the people think?

Most curious regards

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