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You can use \include and \includeonly.
See https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/TeX/includeonly or http://www.tex.ac.uk/FAQ-conditional.html.

Giovanni Dore

Il giorno 16/giu/2016, alle ore 23.19, Alan Litchfield ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I know this is a question that comes up from time to time, but I have yet to find a satisfactory answer. I just hoping for some suggestions for improvement.
> Several (many) years ago I developed a thesis template while doing my master thesis based on the report class. I further adapted it for my PhD and some folk saw what I'd done and asked to use it. Since then, it has become the defacto template for the university where I work. That means I have had to spend a lot of time cleaning it up, simplifying parts and writing documentation on how to use it. Now I am at a stage where I need to resolve an annoyance, which is *how to generate chapter proofs* for supervisors to check.
> Presently, I have two template headers: one for the whole thesis that generates all the front matter, chapters (as includes), ToCs, etc.; the other is for chapter proofs that produces a front page with the student name, chapter title, etc and then the chapter as an include (the person changes the chapter file to be included for each proof).
> The downside of the present situation is that chapter numbers have to be replaced with a preset counter ("X" in this case) and cross references to other chapters are broken.
> What I would like is to present the option of a chapter proof as an option declared such as this for a full thesis:
> \documentclass[12pt,AK1324,thesis,doublespace]{autthesis}
> and this for a chapter proof:
> \documentclass[12pt,AK1324,thesis,doublespace,proof="includes/LitReview"]{autthesis}
> In other words, that unless "proof=[some file name]" is declared as an option, the whole thesis is generated. It would be really nice if the thesis aux file were used to maintain the integrity of counters and labels.
> As I said, suggestions are very welcome. The template lives at:
> http://aut.ac.nz.libguides.com/computer/LaTeX
> Alan
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