[OS X TeX] Sierra and TeXShop

Richard M. Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Mon Apr 10 14:39:23 EDT 2017


Please update your TeX Live distribution using TeX Live Utility. This should fix your problem.

I predict you also included the pdftricks library.

This is NOT a TeXShop bug. What happens is that typesetting creates a slightly incorrect pdf
file. In Sierra 10.12.4 (but not earlier), this bug causes Apple's PDFKit to crash, bringing down
TeXShop, Preview, etc.

The bug is caused by loading tikx BEFORE loading pstricks, and then typesetting with pdflatex.
Now when you use pstricks, you are supposed to typeset with TeX + DVI, but some users
include pstricks but don't use it, and then typeset with pdflatex.This used to work, but now

However, the author of pstricks very very recently fixed this problem, hence the instruction to
upgrade. (Notice that many of your old projects will still fail if you did the same thing, until you retypeset

Apple knows about this bug.

This is another, rarer, bug in PDFKit, so write if this doesn't work.

Dick Koch

> On Apr 10, 2017, at 10:42 AM, Pietro CELADA <pietro.celada at unipr.it> wrote:
> dear fellow TeXers,
> in spite of several warnings on potential issues,
> I recently upgraded to OSX 10.12.4 (shame on me ...).
> as soon as I did, I started experiencing the following
> weird behavior with TeXShop.
> when the typesetting stops due to an error, if I write
> E in the log window to go back to the point where the error
> occurred, then TeXShop freezes completely. I can only force
> quitting and then TeXShop keeps on freezing at any successive
> attempt of opening any other TeX file. To have TeXshop working
> again, I've to discard all the auxiliary files (aux, pdf, log
> and synctex) or open the source file using a different editor,
> correct the error and then typeset the file again from the
> command line.
> did anyone notice anything similar? and can anyone reproduce
> the problem with the attached mwe file?
> the problem seems to be tikz-related: if I comment out
> \usepackage{tikz}, the problem disappears.
> I also reinstalled MacTeX2016 (I had 2013) to no avail.
> can anyone suggest what has to be done to fix the problem
> or point me in the right direction?
> thanks to anyone in advance,
>         Pietro
> MacBook Air 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5, OSX 0.12.4
> MacTeX2016 and TeXShop 3.77
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