[OS X TeX] Beamer and Movie Media

David Goldenberg goldenberg at biology.utah.edu
Sun Feb 18 19:41:22 EST 2018

Rather remarkably, I found some notes from the last time that I tried media9.  This may be of help:

> Not all .mov files will work!
> This has to do with the actual encoding of the movie.
> If the file doesn't work, open it in QuickTime player
> and export it as a new .mov file.
> I found this trick at: http://pages.uoregon.edu/noeckel/PDFmovie.html

The page referenced above was about the best source of information on all of this that I found.  I was able to get media9 to work once I found this trick, but ultimately went back to movie15.  One reason was that I didn’t want to use Flash, but I think that there were other reasons, too.

It seems odd to me that embedding movies hasn’t been better developed in LaTeXpdf.  But, since I haven’t done it (and am in no position to do so!), I can’t really complain about it.

Good luck,

> On Feb 17, 2018, at 1:54 PM, David Craig <dac at panix.com> wrote:
> Indeed.   That has been my experience as well, as I indicated in my original message.   I have simply been unable to persuade media9 to work most of the time.   (And yes, I have RTFM.)   I have had better luck, though quite imperfect, with the older packages, same as you.  My guess is media9 works better on Windows?  Dunno.
> Most of the media I’ve tried to embed are already H264, but maybe re-encoding them using ffmpeg anyway as Victor suggests is the special sauce.   Anyway, I will try again.   The relative silence in response to my post suggests I’m not missing the obvious, and indeed these packages just DON’T work very well.  I’d be pleased to be convinced otherwise!
> However, this suggestion 
>> If I may suggest, instead of the always flaky business of embedding media files in your pdf, with packages that come and go, why not just make links? 
>> \href{run:mymovie.mov}{Let's watch it}
> was really helpful.    I did not know you could do that!   
> David

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