[OS X TeX] Problem compiling Spelling dictionaries

Marina Epelman mepelman at alum.mit.edu
Sat Jan 6 11:22:07 EST 2018

Dear all —
I’ve been following a discussion on "TeXShop, Cocoaspell, and MacOS 10.13.2” yesterday, and I have a related issue. I just upgraded to 10.13.2 from 10.12, and concurrently upgraded from 2016 to 2017 distribution. I was trying to follow these instructions from Dick for installing and configuring Aspell:

> a) This year for the first time, we supplied the CocoAspell install package in /Applications/TeX with MacTeX-2017. I found it there and installed with no problems,
> b) Then I opened Apple's System Preferences and selected the new Spelling preference pane at the bottom. In the first column, I checked the first entry, English (United States) [w_accents]. On the right side, I checked the URL and TeX/LaTeX filters.
> c) Next I ran TeXShop. In TeXShop Preferences, under the Source Tab, in the Dictionary pull down menu, I selected
> English (United States) [w_accents] and clicked OK.
> d) Then I restarted TeXShop. One of my documents automatically loaded, and tex command words were not marked as misspelled.

However, when I got to step b) and selected the Spelling preference pane, I received the following error message: *Failed to compile “aspell6-en-6.0-0”* with further details: *The dictionary for “aspell6-en-6.0-0” has to be compiled before it can be used. The dictionary cannot be compiled because you do not have sufficient access priviliges to the directory “/Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/aspell6-en-6.0-0”.* I am doing all of this from an account with administrative privileges on my machine.

Any troubleshooting suggestions will be much appreciated.

— Marina
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