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Gary L. Gray euler at psu.edu
Wed Jan 31 21:20:14 EST 2018

> On Jan 31, 2018, at 1:06 PM, Don Green Dragon <fergdc at Shaw.ca <mailto:fergdc at Shaw.ca>> wrote:
> Based on your comments and Rob Rye's I went ahead and attempted to install High Sierra. An update window usually appears on my screen when I begin a session, but instead of showing the usual (for some time 'usual') icon for upgrading to High Sierra, the icon read "installed" and when I asked for <Apple/Software update...> the response was "no updates available". With <Apple/About this Mac> the response remains "version 10.9.5".
> Stunned by the above, looked around in Applications and found, to my surprise, an app titled <Install macOS High Sierra>. Despite not recalling how the app got there, I opened it and clicked on Install. Nothing seemed to happen. Eventually a window appeared which announced that <macOS High Sierra> will be installed on "MacIntosh HD" which seemed okay, and finally a progress bar appeared, after a second or third tap on the "Install" icon. After three hours the progress bar was about 20% full. I knew the install would be slow because I have the slowest connection possible with my ISP. 
> However, it is now 40.5 hours later and the progress bar remains about 10% from full. Also, the progress bar 'appears' to NOT have advanced since yesterday at about 5:00 pm when I last checked.
> Should I hit the "Cancel" button or just let the install proceed?
> I'm wondering about Gary's  comment 
> "The App Store will not give you the option to install it if you aren’t eligible."
> but I've not received an explicit message saying that I'm not eligible!!!

I really can’t tell you what is happening from where I sit. I would call Apple’s support line at ‭(800) 800-2775‬.

Good luck!

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