[OS X TeX] Multido--"illegal unit of measure" in pstricks

Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
Thu Sep 13 06:14:15 EDT 2018

OK, I see the idea.  Will try it out.  Thanks

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In the attached I have created a wiggly (more-or-less vertical) line and am trying to create several copies of it, displaced at regular horizontal intervals.
I use a real counter \rT added to fixed coordinates.  The error message says “illegal unit of measure—pt added”.  I don’t understand: coordinates are entered into pscurve as real numbers.  What am I missing?

You can't do arithmetic with \rT. Instead, make three similar counters where the arithmetic is handled, as illustrated below.

\begin{pspicture}(-4,-4)(4,4) % note {-4 replaced by (-4

\pscurve(0,-2) (-0.1,-1.5)(0,-1)(0.1,-0.5)(0,-0.2)(0,0)(0,0.2) (0.1,0.5)(0,1)(-0.1,1.5)(0,2)
\multido{\rT=-1.6+0.2,\rTp=-1.5+0.2,\rTm=-1.7+0.2}{33}{ % \rTp(lus), \rTm(inus)
\pscurve(\rT,-2) (\rTm,-1.5)(\rT,-1)(\rTp,-0.5)(\rT,-0.2)(\rT,0)(\rT,0.2) (\rTp,0.5)(\rT,1)(\rTm,1.5)(\rT,2)

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