[OS X TeX] Big Sur and PDF font smoothing

Gray, Gary L euler at psu.edu
Fri Nov 13 16:43:12 EST 2020

I have a MacBook Pro that drives a 27" 4k display and a 27" 5k display. Fonts look good to me on all three. Actually, they look GREAT on the MBP and 5k display, but that is another story.

What should I be looking for?


On Nov 13, 2020, at 4:30 PM, Richard Seguin <riseguin at earthlink.net<mailto:riseguin at earthlink.net>> wrote:

One of my disappointments with several versions of macOS through Mojave was the poor font rendering from PDFKit (i.e., TeXShop and Skim) on sub-Retina monitors. I cringed when I updated straight from 10.14.6 to 10.15.6 thinking that it could get even worse, but was shocked when I discovered that Apple seemed to have finally (after several years) restored effective font smoothing in PDFKit in Mojave. Since Apple often seems to move in mysterious ways, I have to ask if anyone knows if the effective font smoothing is still there in Big Sur or if they’ve taken it away again.

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