[OS X TeX] Previewing PDF with movie/aniations

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 06:02:29 EST 2021


Great to see that you succeeded, and thanks for the detailed report.

I can see that it took great care and work to do it. Kudos!

I would not have thought of it before you mentioned "iMovie", but: since you were editing the video, anyway, you could perhaps have avoided some of the steps. You could even perhaps just record the presentation using the beamear slides directly.
I will leave this as a suggestion for future endeavours: you could have recorded the presentation, straight from your mac, and then just inserted the video in iMovie. 
I guess this would have involved less work. Once in iMovie, you could add some flourish, too. It is easy to highlight something you are talking about, for example. This might add more style than the "laser". Just some thoughts.



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