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Am 22-11-30 um 23.08 schrieb Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at gmail.com>:
> I”ll try asking this here, since two attempts to send the questions to the TextMate mailing list, even after I registered, were rejected because I was not a member of the mailing list.

I’ve taken the liberty to forward your part of this mail there.  Maybe we get that solved there.

> 1. How from TextMate/LaTeX bundle does one delete the various auxiliary files (not just .aux, but also .bbl, etc.)?

After running (La)TeX via Cmd-R you’ll see a row of small buttons at the bottom of the Log window.  The third one from the right reads “Clean” and, well, cleans up.  You need to see that window, though.

Another way I just saw: LaTeX bundle menu, “Tools” –> “Clean”, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.

> 2. How does one count the words in the generated pdf?

Depends on the viewer.  In Textmate (in the source code, obviously):
– LaTeX bundle menu, “Project Management” –> “TeXcount”.
– Text bundle menu: “Statistics for Document (Word Count)”.  Dunno if that copes with TeX commands, though.
Both are on Ctrl-Shft-N.

> 3. How does one view the typesetting log?
> 	I _do_ have the LaTeX bundle’s LaTeX Preferences set for “Keep log window open” but am seeing no log window.

Do you see some respective entry at the bottom of the “Window” menu while TeX is running or after the TeX run?

Debugging?  Klingons do not debug.  Our software does not coddle the weak.
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