[OS X TeX] [ANN] Présentation.app version 3.2 released

renaud blanch rndblnch at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 10:13:09 EST 2022

I am happy to announce the release of Présentation.app 3.2.


Présentation.app is a presentation tool for pdf slides (e.g. produced using LaTeX and the popular beamer class) for Mac OS X.
You can download this release here:


3.2 announce

The biggest code change introduced by this release consists in switching from hand-crafted parsing of javascript code produced by the LaTeX animate package to using the JavaScriptCore framework for that task.
This allows to improve the support for animations: loop and autoplay should now be supported.

This release also adds some minor features/fixes (see below), the most notable being that links to youtube video are redirected to invidious when opened in the webview for a cleaner web interface (can be deactivated with the --youtube switch).

This work is only possible by buying a membership to the apple developer program, at the cost of 99 USD a year.
In order to cover this expense, I have setup a buymeacoffee page where any user can contribute a small amount:



Présentation most notable features are:

+ support for distant presentation/teaching
  - inset of live video from the presenter
  - white board and support for pen interaction
  - support for more than 2 screens setups
  - "spotlight", laser and large cursor mode on presentation screen

+ a presenter view displaying
  - the current and next slide
  - a timer
  - the notes associated to the current slide

+ hyperlinks do work
  - internal links (e.g. navigation links generated by beamer) work
  - links to local video files open the video on the presentation screen
  - links to other files are opened in a webview on the presentation screen

+ usable
  - from the command line (as it is a Python script)
  - from the Finder (as it accepts dropping a PDF file to launch the app)

More details at:

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