[Textures] Snow Leopard requires version 2.0b12

Gianni maschio at dmmm.uniroma1.it
Fri Sep 4 03:41:01 EDT 2009

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>In case some people here have migrated to Snow Leopard already (I 
>did), you will be interested by the new beta 12 which solves a 
>problem  with Computer Modern fonts (not visible on some Snow 
>Leopard systems).  See <http://www.bluesky.com/news/220b.html>.
>This bug affected my MacBook but not my Mac pro, and the guys at 
>Blue  Sky TeX Systems have been very responsive and efficient (bug 
>reported  on August 31, solution available on September 3).
>Bruno Voisin

Yes, sometimes that guys are very efficient but in a case thay was 
not. Some years ago I tell them about a bug involving a conflict of 
Textures with graphicx package: the default of black in some place of 
the page (caption but not always, headlines, labelitem etc.) is  RGB 
and not CMYK. So when you must print in CMYK way the black is 
splitted in 4 colours.

The blue Sky sent me a temporary(!) solution that is to put just 
after \begin{document} the following command:

\def\default at color{cmyk 0. 0. 0. 1.}

but this is not sufficient, the different labelitem are not in CMYK 
black. To have the complete solution I should modify also the  "item" 
definition in latex.ltx.

I should define

and then change the following line


to have all the black in CMYK mode.

I hoped this bug was not present in the new Textures but it is always here!

You think that now the Blue Sky will solve the problem?

gianni maschio

For sake of truth, several times the Blue Sky solved different 
problems in a very short time.

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